Martin Neskovski’s death: a silence stronger than words

Almost four days after the death of Martin Neskovski (the kid’s real name) the Macedonian media and police continue to pretend that nothing has happened. Every day the square is filled with young protesters, who gather under the slogan “Stop police brutality”, but you wouldn’t know if it was up to the local newspapers and TV stations. This deliberate attempt to make this issue go away by simply not talking about it is the biggest admission of guilt the police and the government could ever give. No words could ever be as strong as their silence.

Stop police brutality

"Stop police brutality", the slogan and logo adopted by the protesters

Igor Spasov, the alleged killer, has been arrested and will stay in prison for 30 days, but every one else with connections to this case is happily denying any responsibility. Gordana Jankuloska, the Minister of Interior, refuses to resign on the grounds that she sees no political motivation behind the killing; even if that were true (which I’m pretty sure is not) the simple fact that a cop brutally killed a young man should be reason for her to step down. Only a shameless person could think otherwise.

Martin Neskovski

A picture of Martin Neskovski, held by a protester in Square Macedonia (Photo: A1)

The police, on the other hand, is doing everything they can to keep the investigation as far away from public eye as possible. The coroner’s report, for example, was sent to them on Monday at lunch time, but they have only commented on its contents yesterday. In fact, later that day they actually denied having any such information in their possession. Everything is prepared to try to make the case go away and be forgotten. It is, then, up to the citizens of this country to stand up for Martin and respect his memory by demanding justice. I’m afraid he won’t get it any other way.


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  5. aneta veljanovska Trajkovski

    Martinco,dusicko nevina,mladost nedoziveana,izgor na majka i tatko…ti sega letaj slobodno kon rajskite nebesni prostranstva..a nie ovde dolu ke zalime za se sto se sluci,slucuva i najverojatno ke se slucuva vo ovaa napatena Makedonia

    June 13, 2011 at 14:05

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