Photo of the day

Jamie Livingston was a fairly anonymous film-maker, photographer and circus performer. He worked regularly with MTV as a cinematographer and video editor, as well as in advertisements for Nike, so it’s likely that we might have seen something on tv in which he worked on. Jamie was a total stranger to me until two days ago, when I stumbled on a personal photography project that he called Photo of the Day.

March 30, 1991

The collection as it was on March 30, 1991

It’s as simple as the name sounds: a photographic diary, which he started on March 31, 1979, after he received a Polaroid camera. He collected them for 18 years until October 25th, 1997, his 41st birthday, the day he died. After his death, his friends Hugh Crawford and Betsy Reid put up a website and an exhibit that showed all 6697 photographs taken (some photos were, unfortunately, lost at some point). It’s a remarkable display of a man’s life, day after day, of his experiences, his friends, his work, his hobbies.

October 7, 1997

His wedding, on October 7, 1997, just 18 days before his death

After reading about his story here, I decided to copy his idea and make a photographic diary of my own; it must be funny to look back to a record of experiences and feelings as time changes you, physically and otherwise. Somehow I hope that it can work as a record of those small not-so-meaningless daily events that eventually (and undeservedly) slip away from our memories.


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